Volunteer Roles 2021-2022 FTC Season

Role (click on role for more detail)Role DescriptionTime commitmentRemote or on-site
Award Ceremony EmceeThe Award Ceremony Emcee is the host for the award ceremonies which will take place the Tuesday evening after each event weekend. Responsible for announcing team awards using a script.2 hoursRemote
Audience QueuerFor 2021, audience members can log into a virtual platform to cheer on their teams! This role will help manage entry of participants into the audience while fielding questions from participants.Saturday or SundayRemote
CommentatorThis role is a combination of the Emcee and Game Announcing roles. If you like being the face of an event, this is the role for you! Knowledge of FIRST a plus.Flexible- minimum of 4 hour commitmentRemote
Commentator AssistantThis role is part of the production team. They are responsible for feeding information to the commentators (ie transitioning between events, sponsor and event clips) Flexible- minimum of 4 hour commitmentRemote
Dean's List InterviewerDean's List Interviewers are responsible for interviewing the Dean's List Semi-finalists and writing notes for each student.  The interviews last 5-7 minutes.2 hoursRemote
Health and Safety ManagerHealth and Safety Manager works with other on-site volunteers to ensure the safety of events.2 hoursOn-site
Head RefereeLead a team of referees. Head Referee will be onsite for duration of event. Efforts should be made to not assign this role for consecutive weekends.One day (Saturday or Sunday)On-site
Judge Advisor (JA)The JA coordinated judging process; including recruitment, training, and scheduling for events.Event (both days)Remote
JudgeJudges interview and observe teams to select team award recipients. Must be 21 years old.Event (both days)Remote
Judge QueuerThe Judge Queuer role is responsible for helping to move teams into correct virtual judging rooms.2-3 hoursRemote
Production/Field AdvisorThis role is the primary contact for remote production staff for resolving issues (camera streaming, live scoring). Event (both days)On-site
Remote Production SupportThis role helps with a variety of tasks behind the scenes to support the live streaming production and to help teams connect virtually with technical help.One day (Saturday or Sunday) OR both daysRemote
RefereeReferees are the ultimate decision makers when it comes to the robot performance during competition matches. Referees observe matches and identifies rule violations. Must be 21 years old.One day (Saturday or Sunday) OR both daysRemote or on-site depending on current health conditions
ScorekeeperThe Scorekeeper manages the operates the scoring system.One day (Saturday or Sunday)Remote
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